Immigration – Canada Announces Plans To Bring In New Immigrants

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Immigrants Immigration to Canada

Canada has announced a plan to bring in about 1.3 million new immigrants into the country in the next three years.

Authorities said this is to help the country fill the critical labour market shortage gap that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused and to grow Canada’s economy.

The COVID pandemic, which started in the year 2020, has affected the economies of many countries across the world, and the governments that it affected have set in motion plans for recovery.

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This week’s Monday, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) Sean Fraser announced this news.

Oga Fraser said the “2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan” would create a responsible path for immigration, which would help the Canadian economy recover and would fuel post-pandemic growth.

According to the ministry, it would also strengthen communities and industries across the country that rely on immigration.

In the 2022–2024 Immigration Levels Plan, Canada said they want to engage immigrants at a rate of about 1% of the current population of the country. This would include 431,645 permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023, and 451,000 permanent residents in 2024.

The latest numbers from Statistics Canada show that job vacancies in the country remain high, with 874,700 unfilled positions.

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In a statement, the IRCC said it has hundreds of thousands of positions in all sectors waiting to be filled.

“Immigration already accounts for almost 100% of labour force growth, and with 5 million Canadians set to retire by the end of this decade, the worker-to-retiree ratio would drop down to only 3:1.

“This is a clear sign that we have a strong economic need for increased immigration,” the statement said.

Under the plan, Canada focused overall admissions into the country, which could amount to 1.14% of the Canadian population by 2024.

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They have a long-term focus on economic growth, which would make them collect 60% of the people who are in the economic class.

The immigrant immigration level plan would create help for vulnerable populations, like the special measures for granting permanent residence to refugee claimants who worked in health care during the pandemic.

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