Covid-19 vaccines: Why Some African States Can’t Use Their Vaccines

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Covid-19 vaccines

Expired Covid-19 vaccines

State Looks To Purchase COVID-19 Va...
State Looks To Purchase COVID-19 Vaccines Directly

Other African countries always have expired vaccine doses, including South Sudan and Malawi. Not only Nigeria.

Countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo returned the vaccines they did not use so that they could be distributed to other countries so that they would not expire.

In July 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) said about 450,000 doses expired in eight African countries before they could be given to people due to short expiry dates.

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The WHO and the African Centres for Disease Control and Prevention asked them to change the way they produce vaccine donations to avoid wastage.

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They wrote in their statement that having a plan on short notice and making sure that doses with short shelf lives have serious increased logistical problems for health systems that are already stretched.

They want to make Covid-19 vaccines. Which they have donated at least two and a half months before they expire by the time they reach the countries that will benefit from it

They want to make countries that would receive the awareness of the vaccines donations a month before delivery, and they should also send them with the other essential supplies, like syringes.

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We recall that not too long ago, Nigerian health authorities reported that the COVID-19 vaccines were expired and, after the discovery, they burnt all the expired COVID-19 vaccines to prevent Nigerians from using them as they would be dangerous due to expiration.

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