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deming headlight
Deming Headlight

Deming Headlight

The Deming Headlight was a weekly newspaper that was founded in the 1880s. The newspaper was the leading Democratic publication in the territory. It was established in 1886 by George A. Brown, who was running for mayor of Deming. At the time, Brown faced a Republican challenger. Despite his loss, he continued to publish the paper.

Deming Headlight was established in the 1880s

The Deming Headlight, a newspaper founded in the 1880s, is a historical publication that is widely read and is still produced today. Its editor is George L. Shakespeare, a native of Ohio who grew up in Wisconsin and Illinois. He served in the regular army for three years, and afterward, he was a stagecoach driver and government wagon master. During the Civil War, Shakespeare was a member of the Seventeenth Illinois Cavalry, where he was largely engaged in sup pressing Quantrill Bushwhackers.

The paper’s lineage is connected to Peggy Ames’ lineage. Ames discovered the connection between her family and Deming, New Mexico, while researching her family tree. Curren, a newspaper publisher, established 16 newspapers in Colorado and New Mexico. The first one was the Deming Headlight, which was published daily during the Spanish American War.

Deming is located in southwestern New Mexico. The town was founded in the 1880s, but its history dates back to the Mimbres civilization. These Native Americans inhabited villages along the Mimbres River. In the 13th century, the Mimbres tribe disappeared, but Deming remained a town of note. It was also a stop on the Butterfield Stage Trail, which carried passengers and U.S. mail to other areas.

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It became a leading territorial Democratic paper

The Deming Headlight and Graphic has a long and storied history. It was founded in 1881, but soon lost its prominence due to the arrival of other newspapers in the town. In 1884, Charles W. Greene started the Deming Tribune and Headlight weekly papers, which competed for readers. Later, the Deming Headlight became a leading territorial Democratic paper under Democratic governor Edmund Gibson Ross. The paper’s name was inspired by a locomotive’s headlight.

In the mid-1970s, the Headlight became a daily and expanded its coverage. In addition to the news, it featured special pages on agriculture, health, recreation, and lifestyle. The newspaper had a staff of seven people, including reporters and a special pages editor. It also used carriers and street vendors for distribution.

It was a Republican challenger

At a recent forum, Republican challenger Edward Khanbabian said he would not attend. He said he objected to the format of the forum. Later, he changed his mind. Shannon Relyea did not commit to attending the forum, either. Both are candidates in the March 6 municipal election. Both are residents and business owners in Deming.

In the 2020 election, there are several contested races at the local and state levels. There are three contested primaries in Luna County for president, a contested legislative race in the state of New Mexico, and several local contests. Several Deming residents announced their candidacy for various offices. One of these is the Luna County Clerk’s Office. Democrat Ray J. Trejo won the Primary Election, while Republican David X. McSherry lost to Democrat Collette Chandler.

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