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Red Wine and Healthy Teeth

According to research done by health and food science experts, chemicals in red wine could lead to healthy teeth and gums.

They tested a chemical that is popularly called polyphenol, and they say that it could fight against the things that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Victoria Moreno-Arribas, at the Institute of Food Science Research in Madrid, Spain, took her team to do the research, which produced findings in February 2021.

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But health and food science experts say it does not mean that drinking red wine constantly or every day, abusing red wine, or using red wine as mouth wash would be safe or healthy.


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They combined the polyphenol with the bacteria that causes all these diseases in the mouth, and they found that after over 24 hours, the chemical in the red wine would not allow the bacteria to stick in the mouth again.

But the problem is that the chemical called polyphenol, which is present in red wine, is not only in red wine but in various consumables, but scientists and health experts have found ways in which these kinds of findings could help dental health.

So drinking red wine can help with dental health. It gives you healthy teeth and gums, but please reduce your intake of red wine as it is dangerous if you take too much of it.


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Try taking a small amount of red wine once or twice a week and you’d be just fine, with your mouth and teeth strong and healthy.

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