Does Garlic And Hot Water Cure Coronavirus? Does The Sun Destroy Coronavirus?

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Garlic Cure Coronavirus

Can garlic cure coronavirus? Coronavirus outbreak alias COVID-19 disease which affects more and more countries around the world has made some people are given different health advise online as the virus is yet to have any cure.

This are some of the popular myths or fake claims which people have shared online about what could cure the virus and explain what science says concerning the claim.

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1. Garlic

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Many posts on Facebook advice people that they should be eating garlic to prevent infection.

World Health Organization (WHO) said while the roots are healthy food which could have some antimicrobial properties, there is no evidence or proof which shows that if someone eats it, it could protect them from the new coronavirus.

Also too much garlic could sometimes cause harm to someone’s body, for example, South China Morning Post reported a reports of a woman

who was rushed to the hospital for treatment because her throat swelled up after she ate 1.5kg of raw garlic.

We know, in general, that eating fruit and vegetables and drinking water is good for staying healthy. But there is no evidence that shows that some kind of food could help fight the Covid-19 virus.

2. Heat and avoid eating ice cream

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Many people advise in social media that heat kills coronavirus, and so people should always drink hot water, take hot baths, or use hairdryers.

A fake post which is not truly from UNICEF but which many people from different countries copy and paste – claimed TGAT drinking hot water and exposure to sun would kill the virus, and people all over the world should avoid ice cream.

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