Healthy Habits Which Will Make You Live Longer

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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits for Long Life

On Healthy Habits – According to one study from BMJ, women can gain 10 and men seven years of life free of cancer, type-2 diabetes, and heart problems from a healthy lifestyle.

They must exercise regularly, must not drink too much, must make sure that their weight is healthy, must eat good food, and must not smoke at all.

The study’s lead author, Dr Frank Hu of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, believes it can send a positive message to the public.

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“It would not be more years of life that they would gain, but good years from the good lifestyle choices.”

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What is a healthy lifestyle or Healthy Habits?

They asked people who were 50 years old and took part in the study if they met at least four of these five criteria:

  • If they have never smoked,
  • If they are eating a healthy, balanced diet,
  • If they are doing 30 minutes of moderate or hard-hard activity every day,
  • If their body mass index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9,
  • If the women drink alcohol, which surpasses a small glass of wine a day and one pint of beer for men,

Fruit and vegetables are important for a healthy diet.

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Women who said they met four out of the five criteria lived an average of 34 years free from cancer, cardiovascular disease (like heart attack and stroke) and type-2 diabetes-more than 10 years longer than people who did not meet the criteria at all.

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For healthy men, it meant that they would have another 31 years without disease-more than seven years extra than what men who are unhealthy could expect.

So, live imbibe a Healthy Habits and live a Healthy Lifestyle.

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