How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup

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How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup
How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup

How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup: If you have trouble stopping Discord from starting up, you can disable it in Windows Task Manager.

To do this, either use the Windows search box or a shortcut key. Then go to the Startup tab and click Disable. If you still have problems, see the following steps.

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These are easy to follow, but you’ll need to use caution when changing your system settings. In some cases, Discord can open on startup by accident.

How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup

how to stop discord from opening on startup

Disable Discord

To disable Discord on startup, you will have to go into Windows settings. The first step is to open up Task Manager. This is a convenient shortcut that you can use to open Task Manager.

Right-click the application, select Properties, and then click the Disabled box. Once Discord has been disabled, the application will no longer be loaded with the computer. It will now be in the background. Disable Discord on startup to prevent it from crashing.

To disable the auto-start feature, open your task manager and select Discord’s entry in the startup applications list. If Discord was automatically starting up, this will slow down your system.

If you want to completely disable this startup feature, uncheck Automatically check for updates. Startup programs are responsible for launching applications as soon as the system boots.

However, these programs may be affected by problems from time to time. Discord is a great tool, but it can also cause a slow PC.

Another method to disable Discord on startup is to close it. In Windows, the Discord application is available only in the Windows OS. To stop it from starting automatically, go to the Startup tab of the settings application and click Discord.

Once this is done, you will be able to prevent the app from starting every time you restart your PC. Once you have finished with this step, you should be able to restart your PC.

You can also disable Discord on startup feature by accessing its user settings. This setting is available in the Windows system settings or on the Mac operating system.

By disabling the automatic startup feature, you will no longer need to manually open Discord every time your PC starts up. However, it may affect your PC’s performance and your mood. Disabling Discord on startup can save you time and improve your PC’s boot time.

To stop the Discord app from starting when your PC starts, you can access the Task Manager. By right-clicking the startup tab, you will find the Discord application and disable it from starting on the next startup.

Once you’ve done this, you can restart your computer to reflect your changes. If the startup option is still disabled, you will have to restart your computer for these changes to take effect. You may need to restart your PC again to reflect the changes.

By disabling Discord on startup, you’ll avoid the annoying pop-up messages from your favorite Discord servers. Moreover, you’ll also avoid unnecessary distractions from other applications.

Discord can also be easily launched manually by searching for it in the Start menu and pressing Enter. If you don’t want to disable the startup option for Discord, you can disable its startup icon in the Start menu.

If you prefer to manually run Discord, you can also go to Windows Task Manager to stop the program from launching.

Disable Discord on Mac

disable discord on startup, discord app

If you’re using a Mac, you can disable Discord from opening on startup by going into your System Preferences and selecting the Login Items tab. You’ll then be able to uncheck the “Open on login” option.

You can then go ahead and close the Discord app from your task manager. Alternatively, you can also close the Discord application in Windows’ Task Manager. This should do the trick.

Once the Task Manager has closed, navigate to the User Settings tab. This is found under the Gear icon on the right side of your avatar. Click on the Taskbar and select the “More Details” option.

If the message box doesn’t appear, click on the “Enable” button. Click OK. Discord should no longer launch when you start your PC. If you continue to experience random issues, you may need to restart your computer.

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Whether you use the Discord app on a daily basis or you just want to chat with friends, you can find a group that meets your requirements. The platform is free for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

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