Ladin Chima: Kannywood Actors React After Actress Says She Does Not Earn Over N2,000 In Movies

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Ladin Chima

Ladin Chima Earnings Per Movie

Ladin Chima – She always plays motherly roles, and she has appeared in numerous films over the last two decades.

She became news headlines this time because of an interview she did with the BBC where she said sometimes she earns N2,000 from her acting.

“Since I started to act up till now, I never collected much money, sometimes N5,000 or less. Even today, I left to do a movie and what I got was just N2,000.”

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“With that money, I feed eight people who depend on me for food.”

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The Katsina-born actress said she almost went homeless recently because they told her to vacate the house where she lives and she did not have any other plan.

“I was in the government for a while as a staff member of Nasarawa hospital, and after I retired, I had to leave the quarters for them, so that incident almost made me homeless.”

The reason is that the money I make from acting is too small for me to save to build my own house. How do I begin saving N2,000 to build a house?

Some directors and producers in Kannywood reacted to what the actress said and said, on their part, they paid her reasonably well anytime she acted for them.

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Ali Nuhu, who is the most popular actor/producer in the industry, said it is wrong of Ladin Chima to generalise when she knows that it is not all producers that treat her poorly.

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“What she said is wrong because it is not every producer that is like that. In my own case, she acted in a movie for me recently and I paid her N40,000 for her services.

“What she said caused some people to abuse me, thinking because she acted in a film for me recently.”

Another top producer, Falalu Dorayi, said what Ladin Chima said surprised him because he had acted in several movies with her and never once had he paid her less than N20,000.

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