Lewandowski: Is Robert Lewandowski Related to Adolf Hitler?

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Is Robert Lewandowski Related to Adolf Hitler

Is Robert Lewandowski related to Adolf Hitler? Even though Hitler had five siblings, none have any living descendants today – meaning Lewandowski does not descend from him.

Is Robert Lewandowski Related to Adolf Hitler?

Lewandowski hails from an athletic family; both his parents were professional judo athletes while his mother played football for AZS Warsaw. Additionally, Milena Lewandowski – his sister – is also professional volleyball athlete.

Robert Lewandowski is the grandson of Paula Hitler

Lewandowski is a professional Polish footballer currently playing for Bayern Munich of Germany’s Bundesliga league. As one of the highest paid players worldwide, earning over $30 Million per year, he is considered one of the highest-earning athletes ever seen on an arena field. Lewandowski has won multiple Bundesliga top scorer awards throughout his career as well as being selected as part of Poland national team competitions and appearing at several international tournaments.

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He traces his German ancestry back to Adolf Hitler, through Paula Hitler – Adolf’s youngest sister who died aged 64 and was interred at Bergfriedhof Berchtesgaden as part of her final resting place. Paula Hitler died aged 64 and is buried there today as the only surviving family member from Adolf’s immediate family.

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Lewandowski began his career at MKS Varsovia for seven years of training before switching to Delta Warsaw where he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming league top scorer twice during that period and earning numerous accolades including being named Bundesliga’s top scorer every year since.

Lewandowski is a devout Catholic, meeting Pope Francis on several occasions and being father to Klara and Laura Lewandowska – two daughters with close ties to Hitler whose descendants have declined them any financial benefits due to selling Mein Kampf. As such, his children do not want more children.

He is the son of Alois Hitler

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer. He serves as captain for Poland national football team and striker for Bundesliga club Bayern Munich, drawing many fans around the world. There have been speculations and rumors regarding Robert’s relationship to Adolf Hitler; these rumors should generally not be believed.

Alois and Adolf shared similar perspectives on life, which their father greatly shaped. For instance, Alois complained in letters to his wife that carpenters could not build beehives according to his design and standards, notaries and judges did not meet them and academics with university degrees had been placed above him because of all the knowledge acquired through reading and courses he took.

Alois also had two other daughters who married before World War II but did not produce children. Paula, Alois’ youngest daughter, may be related to Robert Lewandowski through Paula working at a military hospital during World War II; she later engaged Erwin Jeklius but he passed away soon afterwards and has never remarried or had children since this period of her life.

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He is the son of Klara Polzl

Lewandowski has shown considerable promise over the years and earned many major accolades such as being named UEFA Men’s Player of the Year and featuring on five Bundesliga Teams of the Season teams; also scoring over 300 goals in German league football!

Lewandowski’s family was always deeply invested in sports, and at seven he began playing football. Though initially trying other forms of exercise such as gymnastics and fencing, football eventually won out and Lewandowski became one of Leszno and Warsaw clubs before switching over to Varsovia Warsaw where he quickly rose through their ranks to become one of their leading players and prolific goal scorer. Former teammates often noted how the ball “loved him.”

After several seasons at Varsovia, Lewandowski joined Bayern Munich – Dortmund’s rival club – as a free transfer in 2014. Soon thereafter he quickly established himself as an integral member of their club, scoring numerous goals and helping win multiple championships with them.

Lewandowski has not had it easy; his path has not always been straightforward. After losing his father Krzysztof at 16 he credits this experience with helping build mental strength required for top-tier professional footballing career. Since then he has emerged as Poland’s talisman scoring 16 goals during qualifying that helped them qualify for 2018 World Cup Russia tournament.

He is the son of Erwin Jeklius

Lewandowski was born August 21st 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. He currently captains Poland national football team as captain while also being one of Bayern Munich’s strikers and is widely considered one of the best strikers worldwide; scoring over 600 senior vocation goals between clubs and country over his senior vocation career is testament to this fact. Furthermore, he is famous for his aggressive style of play on the pitch as well as being known for being uncompromising when competing.

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He has made it clear that he wishes not to be associated with Hitler and the Nazi regime; instead he believes people should judge his performance on the field; hence his decision to remain at Bayern even though many other clubs had expressed interest.

Lewandowski caught FC Bayern Munich’s eye after just his first season at Dortmund. Following advice from a friend, Lewandowski met with president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge for an audition meeting and left impressed; eventually he offered Lewandowski a contract.

Lewandowski was raised in a Catholic household; therefore he cannot claim to be Paula Hitler’s grandson. His father played for AZS Warsaw while his mother Iwona played volleyball at Partyzant Leszno and later for Delta Warsaw for two seasons. Her older sister Milena played volleyball as well for Delta Warsaw for two seasons.

Milena played two seasons as well. Lewandowski himself never practiced his religion due to being raised within such an environment and being denied that right to claim paternal lineage from Paula Hitler due to her strict Catholic upbringing that made it impossible that his grandparental lineage could ever claim Paula as Paula’s grandson!

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