How Doctors Removed Kilograms of Meta Objects From a Lithuania Man’s Stomach

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Lithuania Man's Stomach

Lithuania Man’s Stomach Meta Objects

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Doctors removed more than a kilogram of nails, nuts, screws, and knives from the stomach of a Lithuanian man.

This was according to reports from local media in 2021.

Doctors said that he had been swallowing metal objects for a month after quitting alcohol.

According to Lithuania’s LRT public broadcaster, some of the objects that the doctors removed from his stomach after surgery in a university hospital called Klaipeda University Hospital were 10 cm (4 inches) long.

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Surgeon Sarunas Dailidenas called his case a “unique case”.

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According to the doctor, usually about 80 percent. foreign bodies which enter the human body leaves the body naturally.

But for this case they removed about 10-20% of the metal objects with tube.

They said people with this kind of case need to have surgery.

The doctor who performed the surgery said the number of foreign bodies was unique.

“We also perform the operation because we have clinical suspicion that all their foreign bodies have perforated or, in other words, torn the stomach.”

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In an article in Lithuanian, reporters for LRT published a photo of the Klaipeda University Hospital which showed the surgical tray full of metal objects.

The emergency operation took three hours.

They had brought the man in an ambulance with severe abdominal pain to the hospital on the Baltic Sea coast.

The report later said that the man was later in stable condition and that they monitored him at Klaipeda University Hospital.

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