People Who Can Or Cannot Donate Blood

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Donate Blood

Most people can donate blood if they are in good health, according to the World Health Organization.

Unlike what most people believe about which kind of person can donate blood, this article clarified who and who can donate blood as the world marked World Blood Donor Day.

The average adult has around five litres of blood in their body, depending on their body weight, according to WHO.

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A blood donation session removes approximately 500ml of blood from your body, and if you are healthy, your body is supposed to replace the lost blood fluid within 24-48 hours of the donation.

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Vegetarians cannot donate blood

It is not really true that people who do not eat animals or animal products cannot donate blood, but the concern is that what they eat is low in iron, which is the key component of blood.

But as long as they follow a well-balanced diet, they are supposed to have enough iron in their body.

Most countries would do blood tests at donation sites, and they would rule out those who do not have enough blood.

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People who have tattoos cannot give blood

Not really. But anybody who just got a new tattoo or piercing and wants to donate blood is supposed to wait for a certain period of time before they are allowed to give blood.

According to WHO, a person who has just had a new tattoo is supposed to wait six months before donating blood.

As for people who just visited a dentist to check their teeth, they are supposed to wait for 24 hours, whereas if it was a major tooth operation that they had, they have to wait a month before it would be okay for them to give blood.

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Can pregnant or sick people donate blood, you can but your blood would be tested before donated; like usual.

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