Does Teething Make Babies Have Fever And Diarrhoea?

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Teething Babies, Fever and Diarrhoea

Teething is a natural process which all babies must pass through when their teeth starts to come out but it is a big challenge to some mothers when their babies teeth starts to grow.

Serena Williams, the tennis champion, took to social media to seek advice on how to help her child, who has begun to grow teeth.

She tweeted, “Teething-aka the devil-is very hard.”-

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Many mothers passed through the same problem which Serena Williams experienced and some of them have different beliefs and fear about what teething causes to children.

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Dr Gloria Nwosu who is a resident pediatrician for Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH) Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria, said some of the beliefs which many mothers and fathers have about teething, is not true

Teething does not cause children to have diarrhea and fever.

Dr Nwosu gave two reason which could make the baby have diarrhea, vomit and have fever.

She explained that at the six-month age when most children start to grow teeth, it coincides with the time when the anti-bodies that mothers have been transferring to the children have reduced because the children have already started to develop their own immunity. Because of this process, the immunity of the children is not yet strong enough to protect them against infection.


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Children always have the habit of picking and putting everything that they see in their mouths. Some of these things have bacterial infections that could cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and other things as it is their immune system that is supposed to help them fight against bacteria and be strong.

Dr Nwosu advised mothers that they should not be afraid when their children are growing teeth, but instead they should upgrade the food of their children that has many nutrients in it and give them what they like to eat.

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