The Gaither Vocal Band Scandal

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The Gaither Vocal Band Scandal
The Gaither Vocal Band Scandal

The Gaither Vocal Band Scandal

The Gaither vocal band scandal forced the group to halt touring and suspended their contract. It also led to the dismissal of several singers, resulting in the loss of their jobs and the band’s reputation.

However, the scandal did not only harm the band’s image, but also ruined its career and damaged the careers of many artists. To learn more about this scandal, read on! Then, take action to protect your Christian beliefs.

David Phelps

The David Phelps and the Gaither vocal bands scandal are still fresh in the minds of many. The tenor of the Gaither Vocal Band has announced his retirement, citing “personal reasons” for his decision.

Although he’s been a member of the group since 2009, Phelps has also performed solo shows. His new solo album Hymnal will be released on March 22.

Born in Texas, David Phelps is an American Christian music singer, songwriter, and vocal arranger. He is best known as a tenor with the Gaither Vocal Band. His marriage to Lori Purtle has lasted for over two decades.

The couple has four children and resides outside of Nashville, Tennessee. David Phelps and the Gaither vocal band scandal are not the only controversy surrounding the group.

Guy Penrod

Aside from being the son of Bill Gaither, singer Guy Penrod has become a prominent figure in Christian music. He has performed with the Gaither Vocal Band on television and in concert. Penrod has backed up a number of notable artists including Amy Grant, Carman, and Michael W. Smith.

His singing has also been featured on albums by Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, James Ingram, and others. He has also sung with the Cathedral Quartet, including a duet with Glen Payne on the group’s Farewell Celebration video.

He has also recorded two albums with the Gaither Vocal Band, including “Give It Away,” a collection of gospel songs that topped the Bill Gaither Show’s charts in March.

Guy Penrod is an American gospel singer who was born on July 2, 1963. He grew up in Hobbs, New Mexico, and graduated from Liberty University. He began his career as a backup singer for Amy Grant and Garth Brooks.

Penrod has been married to his wife, Amy Grant, for 11 years, and they have two children together. Guy Penrod has had several affairs and relationships. Here’s the scoop on his life so far:

Michael English

In the wake of the controversy, English has been in and out of the Christian music scene, but has always maintained a public profile. While he sounded disdainful of Christian music in interviews, he eventually decided to sing gospel on a TNN television special on the Grand Ole Opry.

During that time, he was forgiven by Ricky Skaggs, who had proclaimed him forgiven. Afterward, English bussed to Gaffney with the Easters for one of the many small-town shows that had been a hit over the past few years.

As lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band in the late 1980s, English was instrumental in popularizing Southern gospel music. In the early 1990s, English was one of the biggest names in CCM music and won four Dove Awards in 1994.

This led to controversy as news broke that he had fathered a child out of wedlock. As a result, many fans were outraged and the scandal was widely publicized.

Larnelle Harris

Larnelle Harris is a Grammy award-winning Gospel singer and songwriter. She has recorded 18 albums and won 18 Dove Awards. Born in Danville, Kentucky, Harris went on to study at Western Kentucky University and later joined the gospel touring group Spurlows.

She rose to fame as a singer with the Gaither Vocal Band, headed by Gospel musician Bill Gaither. However, she has since been accused of sexual abuse and is suing the group.

It is unclear why the group members have resorted to sexual harassment and misconduct. The band was once treated like rock stars in South Africa. The scandal has caused the band to rethink its practices.

In the meantime, Gaither Vocal Band may never recover. But the singers have given it their all. They performed 65 concerts a year and have sold millions of albums. Hampton changed parts on stage many times, performing in both lead and baritone roles.

Mark Lowry

In Remotely Controlled, Mark Lowry waxes lyrical about his relationship with Bill Gaither and the scandal he caused in the Southern gospel community.

The Gaither Vocal Band is considered a contemporary southern gospel song, and Lowry’s role is not as prominent as that of Gaither. Nonetheless, Gaither’s publicity has been earned through his work as a gospel singer.

The Gaither Vocal Band is now a four-man lineup, minus its lead singer, Mark Lowry. In the past, Gaither vocal band members were treated like rock stars in South Africa. The band performs 65 times per year, with Hampton often switching roles between baritone and lead parts.

The band is a highly successful enterprise, but the scandal has impacted its image. Mark Lowry has opted to step away from the group while fulfilling his concert commitments.

He is also confirmed to perform on the Gaither family-friendly festival in 2014, and on the band’s Caribbean cruise.

Wesley Hampton

After a mutual friend contacted the Gaithers about the singer’s alleged role in the scandal, Hampton was invited to audition for the prestigious group. After a seven-week audition, Hampton was invited to perform as a member of the Gaither Vocal Band.

Though he had never expected to be chosen, Hampton has been a member of the group for 15 years. Now, Hampton explains the circumstances of his scandal and reveals his motivations for being part of the group.

Before becoming a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, Hampton performed with Christian group The Trevedores, which was affiliated with the Trevecca Nazarene University. In 2005, Hampton auditioned for the group and was chosen as the first tenor.

When the band expanded to a quintet, he became its second tenor. Hampton’s latest album, Hymns, includes some of the most famous hymns in history. Hampton is reportedly planning to record a sequel to Hymns, but it’s unclear yet whether it will be a live show or a recording.

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