Do Vegans Have Low Chances Of Getting Heart Disease?

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A major study has said that vegan and vegetarian diets can reduce the risk of heart disease but also increase the risk of heart stroke.

The research, which was published in the British Medical Journal, studied 48,000 people for about 18 years.

The vegans and vegetarians had 10 fewer cases of heart disease for every 1,000 people when they compared it with people who eat meat, but they also carried three more cases of heart stroke.

However, experts on diets said that no matter what people choose to eat, it is the variety that is the main thing for their health.

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In the data which EPIC-Oxford studied, the major focus was on feeding and health.

Half of those polled said they consume meat, while 16,000 said they are vegans or vegetarians.

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They also asked questions about their medical history, including whether they smoked and how they worked their bodies.

They found out that vegetarians and vegans can avoid heart disease by 22% when compared to people who eat meat.

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But they are also 20% more likely to have a heart attack and the researchers think that it is because of low vitamin B12 levels, but they need more studies to check if it is true.

Even people who eat meat can only eat a certain type of food, so does it mean that vegans and vegetarian diets are not good for the body?

No, and this reply was said by Dr Frankie Phillips, from the British Dietetic Association, as he stated that this study is just to check facts, but it does not look at the connection or what causes heart stroke or diseases.

The lesson for everyone is that, no matter what you eat for breakfast or lunch, plan what you will eat and increase the types of food you eat.

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