Why are Down Syndrome so Strong? 2 Reasons With 10 Great Features

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Why are down syndrome so strong

Why are down syndrome so strong? When someone has extra chromosome, such condition is said to be Down Syndrome. What then is chromosome?

This is a small pack of genes in the body of a living being. These chromosomes help babies to form, develop and function during and after pregnancy.

Why are Down Syndrome so Strong

Every baby borne has 46 chromosomes. When the chromosomes exceed such quantities, then such case is referred to as Down Syndrome.

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Features of Down Syndrome

Included here are some great features of down syndrome person, a:

  1. small ear with a short neck
  2. small feet and hand
  3. loose joint and/or Poor muscle tone
  4. slant up Almond shaped eyes
  5. short height both in children and in adults
  6. stick out of the mouth tongue
  7. flat face bridging the nose
  8. real tiny white spots on the iris of the eyes
  9. single line crossing the palm of the hand, called: “palmar crease”
  10. small pinkish fingers curve towards the thumb

So, why are down syndrome so strong? The major factor in play is the low muscle tone, which causes their sensitivity to external stimuli and their immuno to other people. However, hypotonia, which is the failure to register input is said to be another reason for being strong.

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