Woman Who Sells And Eats Cockroaches For A Living

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Cockroach Business Model

The story of popular Tanzanian singer and model Saumu Hamisi’ who likes to eat nutritious cockroaches has gone viral since last month.

Saumu Hamisi, who is popularly known as Ummy Doll, is a 20-year-old lady from Tanzania, who lives in the coastal region of Kigamboni Dar es Salaam.

She said that the insects tastes like fish or white meat – and that she adds coconut oil to roast, kebab or fry them.

Ummy Doll is a singer and entrepreneur who is doing business of raising and selling cockroaches.

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“Because of my young age, when people see me eating Periplanetas, they wonder and even question my mental health” Ummy Doll said

“I eat cockroach (Periplaneta Americana), it is a very important food for me because Periplaneta is sweet.

“Some people think that I am insane but for me I take it as a business and so everything is okay for me.

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As I am a cockroach entrepreneur, I realise tht I must eat them to convince my customers that this is food like any other food, so I also eat to encourage another to eat Periplaneta and for them to see it as just another food, ” Ummy Doll said.

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Ummy Doll said she cooks the Periplaneta with coconut oil sometimes when she wants to chop them.

“You can eat them with porridge, rice or even roasted bananas.

“They are like any other food, cockroaches are just like any other vegetables which they eat normally.

“For me, I see the insects like fried fish or fried meat”, Ummy Doll explained in an interview.

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Ummy Doll eats and sell cockroach, and Periplaneta are among the insects which live in environment of mammals, and because of the habitat where they live, people make sure that they are not at home by they killing or spraying them insecticide.

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