1800 Cristalino Tequila

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1800 Cristalino Tequila

1800 cristalino is an outstanding clear tequila that has been aged in both American and French oak barrels before being mixed together and aged further in port wine casks for an exquisite experience, creating a unique product to attract new drinkers into this category.

Smooth and sweet, this tequila makes for an enjoyable sipping experience when served straight or mixed into cocktails; however, margaritas should not be made from it as its lack of an authentic taste of agave precludes that option.

Made with 100% Blue Weber Agave

Brand’s tequilas are handcrafted using 100% blue weber agave that has been handpicked at its peak of maturity, then aged in American and French oak barrels before finally finishing off in port wine casks for added complexity and aroma. Ultimately, they produce a smooth yet complex spirit presented in an elegant crystalline bottle for display.

Tequila 1800 has earned numerous honors around the globe. Their silver, reposado and cristalino tequilas all received silver medals at the 2021 New York International Spirits Competition while their crystal clear anejo received gold at this same competition.

Since 1975, Jose Cuervo Tequila has been one of the leading producers of premium tequilas, owned by the Beckmann family who also own Jose Cuervo and located in Tequila, Mexico.

Brand also produces other spirits in addition to its signature tequilas, such as 100% blue weber agave tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico which can be found throughout over 40 states in the US.

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The 1800 logo features the iconic agave plant with the words “Tequila” written both in English and Spanish. This brand stands by their commitment to organically and sustainably grown agave that provides jobs to local farmers and producers in addition to supporting communities through providing jobs for these producers.

Aged in American Oak Barrels

1800 Tequila is one of the world’s most award-winning tequila lines, and Cristalino is its award-winning crystal clear expression, offering all of the depth and complexity found in an Anejo style tequila. Aged in French and American oak barrels before finishing its maturation process with port wine casks before being meticulously filtered to yield a clear liquid ideal for sipping neat or mixing cocktails alike.

As with precious gems, tequila has many characteristics that set it apart. For instance, the quality level of its agave can greatly impact its flavor and color; hence it is crucial that consumers understand how tequila is manufactured prior to buying any brand; distillation, aging and filtering processes also can have an effect on flavor profiles.

1800 Cristalino uses both traditional and innovative production methods in its production, being distilled in small batches and aged in oak barrels before being released for sale. The resultant tequila has an exquisite, rich golden hue with aromas reminiscent of cooked agave, vanilla bean, oak barrels and honey as its notes of flavors.

1800 Tequila also offers ready-to-drink cocktails that make the perfect complement to its premium tequilas, perfect for any special event or celebration. Crafted using only natural ingredients and beautifully packaged bottles, their drinks are owned and run by the Beckmann family who has owned it since 1819 – multiple awards and innovations continue to drive innovation among their products.

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Made in Mexico

1800 Cristalino Tequila is an award-winning Mexican product made with high-grade blue Weber Agave harvested in Mexico and bottled in an elegant crystalline bottle, sold worldwide. It takes its name from the year oak casks were first used to age this unique spirit that marries traditional flavors with modern innovations for an unparalleled drinking experience. Ideal for sipping alone or mixing into cocktails!

Tequila is aged in both American and French oak barrels before being combined together and finished in port wine casks, before it is filtered using an advanced process to achieve crystal clarity and ultimately produced with aromas such as vanilla, caramel, oak and honey – perfect for sipping alone or mixed into margaritas!

Although its clear appearance makes this tequila seem bland, its full flavor remains intact thanks to aromas from cooked agave, toasted oak, and vanilla. Aging gives this sweet-tasting spirit its silky smooth finish while its low alcohol content and charcoal filtration allow easy drinking.

Cristalino Tequila is an ideal starting point for new tequila drinkers and makes an excellent present. Perfect for anyone who appreciates anejos’ flavor without its color or strong alcohol aromas, and available in numerous cocktail recipes too – Cristalino can be found both online and at retailers like Costco!


Crystalinos may come at a higher price point, but their retention of flavors and aromas of their barrel makes them perfect for cocktails and mixed drinks. Furthermore, esterification allows tequila to retain its silky mouthfeel.

1800 cristalino is an exquisite high-grade tequila, boasting an intense and smooth flavor. Perfect for any special occasion and sure to impress friends, its deep and smooth flavor will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.

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