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The black owned virtual assistant companies – Black Virtual Assistants is a US-based virtual assistant service provider offering dedicated assistants starting with minimum commitment of 20 hours per month and providing coaching.

Starr Barrett and Essynce, co-founders of an incredible Black-owned business! Together they are helping ambitious entrepreneurs with big visions to realize success by using their expertise in back office support and streamlining business systems.

JahniSpot Concierge

JahniSpot Concierge is a virtual assistant company offering personalized assistance services such as scheduling, organizing and running errands as well as paperwork management and project management. Their virtual assistance services specialize in serving small businesses and entrepreneurs so that you can focus on running your business instead of being distracted by daily administrative duties.

Tia Rochelle understands first-hand the difficulty of balancing work and life as a full-time working mother, so she founded JahniSpot Concierge as a way of offering assistance and relieving some of the pressure. JahniSpot Concierge has been in operation since April and recently celebrated its second anniversary.

This company offers services ranging from personal shopping and date night concierge to lifestyle management and office/home organization; its clients include busy professionals and entrepreneurs as well as celebrities.

As more companies shift to flexible workspaces, virtual assistant demand has skyrocketed. Many VA firms have since emerged to fill it; some in India and the Philippines; however, many US-based ones also provide task-based plans starting from $30 monthly; dedicated services start between $100-300 monthly; however these prices may not compare favourably with direct hire options.

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The Posh Organization

The Posh Organization is a virtual assistant service that serves a range of businesses. Their services include helping with email management, calendar administration and document creation for clients as well as support with drafting proposals, scheduling appointments and conducting research – everything needed for business success! They strive to ensure each of their clients meet their professional goals with success!

Posh’s services are tailored towards women running their own businesses. They provide assistance such as personal shopper, lifestyle and event planner, home decor re-designer, life coach, personal assistant as well as other assistance options. Their team of professional are passionate about making an impactful difference in lives of other women.

POSH training is essential to both employees’ safety and morale. The training helps employees understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to report it, while also giving them insight into any consequences for violating a POSH policy.

POSH’s average salary is approximately $74,942, although individual salaries can differ widely depending on factors like job roles, departments, and locations. For example, employees in telecommunications often make more than those working in information technology due to typically possessing bachelor’s degrees and possessing extensive experience – plus being eligible to advance to managerial roles more readily than their IT counterparts.

The Very Essynce

Essynce is an Administrative Virtual Assistant service, offering support to small businesses and high profile clients alike for daily operations, project work, head of staff functions and head of staff duties. Their team of virtual assistants are available 24-7 to assist customers with tasks like scheduling, travel arrangements, phone answering services, document preparation services, bookkeeping services and presentation creation services – among others.

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Starr Barrett is the founder of The Very Essynce and boasts more than two decades of corporate administration experience. A graduate from Trinity University with both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business management/strategic planning respectively. Additionally she holds a doctorate in metaphysics as well as being certified professional development trainer.

Essynce Moore and AJ Carr are two teenage entrepreneurs committed to inspiring, empowering, and educating thousands of elementary, middle, and secondary school students from 25 cities/states around the globe on a Youth Empowerment Tour. Through speaking engagements they encourage youth to pursue their dreams by teaching about entrepreneurship as well as issues such as bullying and self-esteem.

At age 13, Essynce launched her fashion line. Later in 2015 she opened “Essynce Couture”, an exclusive spa and boutique for children, tweens, and teens based on this name. Essynce has since been featured on NBC (Channel 4 News), BuzzFeed, Jeff Foxx of WBLS FM as well as being honored as Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 2014 Young Emerging Leader as well as being an active member of New York Youth Chamber of Commerce.

Allegiance Business Services

Allegiance Business Services, located in the UK, is a virtual assistant company offering administrative service and other support to their clients. Their team of skilled, reliable employees work remotely from anywhere to assist businesses manage day-to-day operations more easily – this includes email management, copy typing and research among many others! Allegiance Business Services can be the perfect option for busy entrepreneurs or professionals needing help managing their workload.

Focus VA provides online support and business management expertise that small businesses need. Their specialty lies in streamlining processes so their clients can concentrate on what they do best. Krysten Harris from Thrive VA Services helps overwhelmed service-based entrepreneurs get organized quickly by offering creative services and developing streamlined business systems; Devonee Thaxton of ProSavvy works with bold entrepreneurs by giving them strategies and structures needed for professional success in their endeavors.

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Virtual assistants differ from traditional secretaries by being located anywhere around the globe and thus make it easier to find someone suitable to your unique needs. Furthermore, virtual assistants tend to be much cheaper than full-time office staff since they only charge per hour worked and don’t incur additional costs such as benefits or taxes – freeing you to focus your attention solely on growing your business!

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