All You Need To Know About Ectopic Pregnancy

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ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy

From what the National Health Service in the United Kingdom explained, an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg plants itself outside of the womb, mostly in one of the fallopian tubes.

Missouri ‘Ectopic Pregnancy’ Bi...
Missouri ‘Ectopic Pregnancy’ Bill

The fallopian tubes are the tubes that connect the ovaries to the womb. If an egg entered inside them, it would not develop into a baby, and the person’s health might be at risk if the pregnancy continued.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save the pregnancy. The baby can be born with an operation.

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Ectopic pregnancy does not always have symptoms, and it can be detected only during a routine pregnancy scan.

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If you have symptoms, they always develop between the 4th and the 12th week of pregnancy.

Symptoms might be a combination of:

  • Missed periods and other pregnancy symptoms
  • Vaginal bleeding or brown watery discharge
  • low-level tummy pain on one side
  • When you pee or poop, you are in pain.
  • pain in the tip of your shoulder.

The NHS advised that it is important for someone who sees any of these symptoms during pregnancy to immediately check in with their doctor.

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Nigerians believe Comedian Bovi’s wife had the type of pregnancy that is dangerous for Nigerians.

“I woke up with excruciating pain. I could not move, I could not even turn, I had to stay still to control the pain. “, The wife of Nigerian comedian Bovi, Kris Asimonye Ugboma, narrated how she underwent the surgery after an ectopic pregnancy problem in one of her fallopian tubes.

In a long post which she put on her Instagram page, Kris shared video and photos of herself as she was in the hospital.

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She said she started feeling chronic stomach aches on the 14th of January, 2022.

“I could have held the pain, but this one passed labor pains.”

I could not control it. I reluctantly called my husband. He had asked me to go to the hospital several times during the day before this moment.

“30 minutes later, this pain did not even go away. My husband again asked if I should go to the hospital, but I said “no”.

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