Dude Perfect Headquarters: $100 Million Entertainment Destination

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dude perfect headquarters

Dude Perfect’s five Texas sports and comedy YouTube stars recently unveiled plans for an eye-watering $100 million headquarters-slash-entertainment destination, complete with a 330-foot “trick shot tower,” museum, restaurants, merch stores, mini golf course and 2 acres of outdoor activities.

These individuals are marketing the complex to cities across the nation, including Los Angeles and Atlanta. While they prefer staying in North Texas, they’d consider relocation if a suitable city arises.

The Dudes’ Home Base

Dude Perfect, an online sports and comedy group established via YouTube videos, is looking to take its brand to a whole new level. Their members – Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and twin brothers Coby and Cory Cotton – plan on creating a family-friendly entertainment destination that could cost as much as $100 million.

Overland Partners of San Antonio is working with Dude Perfect to turn its digital brand into a physical ten-acre complex. Their three-story headquarters building will house a 330-foot “trick shot tower,” Dude Perfect museum, merchandise shop, restaurants and two acres of outdoor space.

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Visitors will get an exclusive glimpse into how videos are made and even have the opportunity to try some of their own trick shots. The complex is expected to draw fans from all across the country for a truly memorable experience that will leave them wanting more.

Overland senior principal Bryan Trubey says their team has been pitching this vision to numerous cities nationwide, such as Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The Digital Creative Agency

Dude Perfect’s five Texan college roommates – Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, twins Cory and Coby Cotton as well as twin sister Cori Cotton – are planning a radical expansion to their business: opening an extravagant $100 million headquarters-slash-entertainment destination featuring an iconic 330-foot tower so fans can try their hands at making impossible shots!

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Dude Perfect already have an impressive array of projects underway: they’ve collaborated with Amazon, Nike, ESPN and EA Sports; produced videos at iconic locations like Augusta National; brought in celebrities such as Dallas Mavericks star Boban Marjanovic to their YouTube series Overtime; and hosted celebrities like Dallas Mavericks star Boban Marjanovic as guests for Overtime. Dude Perfect also incorporates faith into their videos by sponsoring children through Compassion International for every 100,000 views their videos receive.

Due to their success, the guys have joined forces with San Antonio-based architecture firm Overland Partners on this massive new project. Senior principal Bryan Trubey of Overland Partners has worked on projects like SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles and AT&T Stadium in Arlington; according to him, the team needs a city willing to offer large economic incentives so as to make this dream become a reality.

Louisville, Kentucky is currently in the lead for hosting Dude Perfect World headquarters due to Mayor Craig Greenberg sending trick-shot stars an email under Kentucky’s open records law that attempts to lure them. LEO Weekly obtained these documents via open records laws.

The Entertainment Destination

Dude Perfect has quickly become one of the most-watched sports comedy YouTube channels, amassing over 58 million subscribers since its founding at Texas A&M University by five friends who came together to form Dude Perfect and launch it together as a YouTube channel in 2007. Since then, they’ve gained fame through recording impressive sports trick shots set to music.

Dudes recently have begun work on an ambitious plan that could make their headquarters even more entertaining for their fans. They intend to construct a three-story entertainment destination featuring a 330-foot “trick shot tower”, museum exhibits, mini golf course, restaurants and two acres of outdoor space – and expect it to cost roughly $100 million before opening sometime around 2022.

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According to The Dallas Morning News, their aim is to create a location that embodies their brand vertically. They have already begun collaboration with San Antonio-based design firm Overland Partners on this plan and hope that their headquarters remains in Frisco; however, they’ve pitched this concept for consideration by other cities who have expressed an interest.

Though you won’t be allowed to visit YouTube star’s headquarters without prior invitation, they might let you witness their production studio at one of their live shows or events. Their crew regularly travels between cities across America so be sure to keep an eye out on their website or social media accounts for announcements of upcoming shows and events!

Can You Visit?

Dude Perfect has amassed more than 58 million subscribers and billions of views, giving them access to mainstream athletes as collaborators, appearing on major television programs like ESPN E:60, First Take, Around the Horn and Pardon The Interruption as guests hosts and creating mobile games including Dude Perfect 2, Endless Ducker and That’s Lit – to name just a few!

Now, they’ve set their sights even higher: They have joined forces with San Antonio-based architecture firm Overland Partners to construct an expansive corporate headquarters and entertainment destination featuring a 330-foot tower expected to cost more than $100 million. Overland is currently exploring municipal partnerships across the nation and will announce a location shortly.

“Capturing Dude Perfect’s energy and enthusiasm into physical architecture resulted in an extraordinary project for an extraordinary brand,” stated Austin Ash, Senior Architect with Overland Partners. Ash worked alongside Bryan Trubey, John Hutchings and Trip Boswell who had all worked on world-renowned sports and entertainment venues at HKS Architects.

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Existing headquarters of The Dudes of Frisco, Texas can be found behind Toyota Soccer Complex on All Stars Avenue. A cozy octagon filled with couches, 3D replicas and vision boards line its gray walls; but their new location, called Trick Shot Town will allow fans to try their hand at engaging in epic sports stunts themselves!

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