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Paletleri is a free online color palette creator. Build and share vibrant harmonies using any colors of your choosing!

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The palate is the roof of your mouth. It contains taste buds that allow you to experience flavors such as sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sourness. If your palate is sensitive to certain foods, eating may become easier for you.

Historially, the Latin term palatum meant both roof of mouth and taste; today the term palette refers mainly to sensory experiences relating to food and drink. Its ending “ate” serves as a handy reminder that tasting is at the core of its meaning.

Are You Craving Dark Chocolate And Caramel Covered In Dark Chocolate Or Cerise Kirsch (Whole Cherry Soaked In Kirsch Wrapped With Fresh Cream And Deep-Fried Chocolate), Your Palate Will Thank You


The mouth is the opening through which food enters and air exits a human or animal’s body, as well as housing structures for mastication and tasting, particularly among higher vertebrates. Its main components are lips, cheeks, tongue, soft palate and uvula which hang at the back of mouth as well as teeth positioned within upper and lower jawbones.

Mucous membrane lines the interior surface of your mouth, with pink lip mucous membrane lining its lip space and merging into facial skin at its vermilion border. Gums cover the remaining space within oral cavities.

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Salivary glands produce a clear, slightly alkaline fluid called saliva which contains water, mucin and protein. Saliva helps moisten the mouth by moisturizing ingested food while breaking down starches into usable forms for digestion. Furthermore, saliva also opens and closes air passages during swallowing together with epiglottis of trachea to facilitate air passage opening and closing; in humans it also serves as an important site of sensory perception where taste of foods are detected through tongue with its various papillae that serve as taste buds which help detect taste of foods detected through human sense organs in human digestive system.


The palate is the roof of the mouth. While not tasted directly with it (this task falls to your tongue), its name has come to symbolize one’s preference for tastes; an appetizing palate treat would certainly please!

Palettes have dense, sandy textures with just the right combination of salt to balance out its sweetness. An example of an excellent palet is Palet D’Or: dark chocolate covered caramel; Cerise Kirsch: whole cherry soaked in Kirsch and fresh cream covered by rich dark chocolate.

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