Where Does Tim the Tattoo Man Live?

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Where Does Tim the Tattoo Man Live
Where Does Tim the Tattoo Man Live?

Where Does Tim the Tattoo Man Live?


If you’ve ever been curious about TimTheTatMan’s real life, you’ve probably wondered, “Where does Tim The Tattoo Man live?” Probably because you’ve seen his videos on YouTube, or maybe you’ve wanted to know where he lives. While he is not an actual person, he does have a family, and he earns $1.5 million per year from his YouTube channel. His body is also covered with tattoos – two sleeves and one chest piece.

he lives in Destin, Florida

Tim The Tat Man is a popular YouTuber who is sponsored by Audio-Technica Corporation. He is also a Monster Energy eSports athlete. He began his YouTube career in January 2011 and currently has more than 2.7 million subscribers. He has also generated over 417 million video views. Tim the Tat Man has a passion for supercharged Jeeps, the beach, football, food, and music.

he has a wife and kids

Tim The Tatman has been in the gaming world since 2012, and is a self-proclaimed nerd. He enjoys playing games and was a big sports fan at Syracuse University. He first found success on Twitch when he decided to share his gaming skills and gained a large following across a range of games.

TimtheTatman has a wife and two kids. He married Alexis in 2016, and the two are proud parents. The couple have a son, Brewer, who was born in August 2019. Brewer has already been featured in several streams, including his father’s.

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he has tattoos on two sleeves and one chest piece

Tim the Tat Man has tattoos on his two sleeves and one chest piece. Tattoos of his name and his hometown are on his forearms. He also has a tattoo on his left elbow of two mountains and a small sailboat. There are also tattoos of an old oil lamp on his upper forearm and two red bands just below his elbow.

Another NBA player with tattoos is Jameer Nelson. The small forward for the Orlando Magic has tattoos on two sleeves. One is a tribute to late rapper Tupac. It reads, “Keep God First.” Another tattoo is a large cross with Greek laurel leaves. The tattoo also has the word “Faith” in cursive.

he has a custom PC

TimTheTatMan has a custom PC that is built with top-of-the-line NZXT parts. It boasts an Intel I9-9900K processor, a MSI MEG Z390 Ace mainboard, and an EVGA GeForce graphics processing unit. The PC is also equipped with an Audio Technica headset and a Razer keyboard and mouse.

TimTheTatman got his start in gaming in earnest around the year 2015. He began by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). His performance in the game propelled him to the Global Elite rank. He was also invited to compete in “CS:GO” tournaments and was able to join a team called Umps and Friends. However, the team was more focused on fun than serious competition. Tim’s pro-gaming aspirations were doomed by his involvement with the Umps and Friends team.

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