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Blink Eye Drops – Blinking helps your eyes stay hydrated, lubricated, and sharpened the image that your retina sees. Without blinking your eyes could experience dryness, burning, itching, gritty “foreign body” sensation and more.

Gently pull down your lower lid to form a pocket and squeeze one drop directly into your eye. Take care to not touch any surface with the tip of the bottle while using, and shake well prior to each use.

Intensive Tears

Blink Intensive Tears provide essential lubrication to relieve dry eye symptoms, leaving eyes feeling refreshed and relaxed. Packed with hyaluronic acid and viscosity enhancer for long-lasting comfort, these eye drops are suitable for contact lens wearers as well as being packaged in an easy-to-use bottle featuring a twist and pull cap to facilitate use.

Prior to taking any medication, it is strongly advised to read and carefully follow the manufacturer’s information leaflet and any recommendations provided. Certain medicines require being taken with food for optimal absorption; others may work better at specific times of day; or combined with other medicines. It is also advisable to carefully read labels to identify any age restrictions, warnings and contraindications applicable specifically for children.

Blink Intensive Tears products have been specially created to address dry eye discomfort among contact lens wearers. Clinical studies have demonstrated their efficacy at providing significant relief from symptoms associated with dry eye disease as well as tangible improvements in tear stability.

These eye drops contain both hyaluronic acid and trehalose for increased effectiveness; together these ingredients offer greater and longer-term dry eye relief than hyaluronic acid alone.

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Blink brand of Intensive Tears eyedrops are among the few available that don’t contain preservatives, making them safe to use daily for optimal results. Regular usage should produce optimal results.

Staying stocked up on eye drops is always beneficial – at home, work and in your vehicle – for emergency situations when away from home. Eyedrops can be purchased online from Welzo’s UK-based supplier of health care products with its user-friendly interface and secure payment methods; Plus the site provides express shipping so your package arrives fast.

Intensive Plus Gel

Blink’s Intensive Plus eye drops are thicker, viscous lubricating drops designed to adapt to dry eyes for long-lasting relief. Their thick consistency features high concentrations of moisturizing sodium hyaluronate (0.38%), soothing demulcents, PEG 400 polyethylene glycol and PEG 400 polyethylene glycol to ease tired and irritated eyes while their low osmolarity stabilizes tear film drying speed while keeping eyes hydrated all day long – keeping eyes hydrated all day long! They contain OcuPure preservative which is designed specifically to be kind on sensitive eyes for prolonged comfort!

These eye drops provide fast hydrating relief and are suitable for day and nighttime use, making them great for anyone suffering from dry and irritated eyes – including contact lens wearers! For optimal results, it is advised to remove and reinsert contact lenses after applying eye drops; any temporary blurring should eventually clear.

Like any medication or supplement, Blink Intensive Tears Plus Liquid Gel Eye Drops 10ml may cause side effects in some individuals. While severity varies from person to person, always follow manufacturer’s instructions and consult a healthcare professional if required for advice and direction.

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Before using this product, it is vitally important to review and keep a copy of its manufacturer’s instruction leaflet as this will contain important precautions and instructions for its usage. Please also ensure that its tamper evident seal is undamaged prior to using. Do not consume it if its seal has been broken or it has exceeded its expiry date.

Purchase Blink products only from reliable retailers like Welzo in order to be certain you are purchasing genuine items backed by a reliable pharmacy service provider.

Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops

Blink Lubricating Eye Drops help keep your eyes feeling fresh and relaxed. Gentle on lenses, these drops contain hyaluronate which occurs naturally in our tears – providing a cushion of moisture on your eye’s surface to encourage more blinking while providing silky-smooth comfort for both soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.

Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops come packaged in sterile 1/2 fl oz (15 mL) plastic bottles. To use, place one or two drops into each eye and blink several times; these drops can be applied up to four times daily for optimal performance.

Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops differ from other contact lens solutions by helping to prevent protein build-up which may lead to discomfort or vision issues, specifically through dual cleansing formula. Tyloxapol is used as a protein-degrading agent while moisturizing helps relieve dryness, itching, blurred vision or any discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses.

This innovative formula is specially formulated to stay in your eye longer for long-term relief from dryness symptoms. In particular, its unique formulation enhances hydration levels while restoring tears’ natural salt balance more effectively than popular brands such as Refresh Optive or Systane. Furthermore, this solution becomes preservative-free in your eye and provides greater levels of long-term relief.

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Blink Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops are safe for use with both soft and RGP contact lenses, making them the ideal way to rewet and lubricate soft contacts while they’re worn as well as before applying your lenses. Besides helping keep them moist while you wear them, they may also relieve minor irritation like itching, dryness, blurring or irritated eyes caused by wearing contact lenses as well as soothing tired eyes.

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