Did Clint Walker Play Football or Act Movies?

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did clint walker play football

Did Clint Walker play football or movies? Cheyenne on Encore Western Channel is truly amazing; his hard work at his job seems equal to that of any baddie on the show, he moves quickly like someone half his size, and seems determined not to back down from any challenge thrown his way.

Did Clint Walker Play Football?

Walker appeared in numerous Western movies such as Fort Dobbs, Yellowstone Kelly, Gold of the Seven Saints, Sam Whiskey and More Dead Than Alive by Frank Sinatra as well as TV shows Kodiak, Lucy Show and Maverick.

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He was 6’6″

Walker was an incredible actor best-known for his portrayal of Cheyenne Bodie on the western TV series Cheyenne. Additionally, he excelled as an excellent horseback rider exemplifying the old military motto “mens sana in corpore sano”, meaning sound mind in healthy body – an epitome of true American heroism.

He played semi-professional football at Orange Coast College in California before briefly signing with the Chicago Bears of the NFL. A superb athlete with an athletic physique, he also proved adept horseback riding – qualities which would help portray his character onscreen.

Once he had made his mark as Cheyenne, Walker went on to star in several more Western films and television shows, such as Rock Hudson and Doris Day’s comedy Send Me No Flowers directed by Frank Sinatra and war film None but the Brave directed by Sinatra. Additionally he made appearances on shows such as Lucy Show, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues and Maverick as well as movies such as Dirty Dozen, Fort Dobbs Yellowstone Kelly Gold of Seven Saints Scream of The Wolf among many others. Additionally he created an eight episode short-lived series called Kodiak which also made an appearance in 1998 movie Small Soldiers.

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He married three times throughout his career: first with Verna Garver in 1948, and had one daughter named Valerie; later Giselle Hennesy and Susan Cavallari.

He was a Merchant Marine

Walker held several jobs early on in life, such as Mississippi river boatman, factory worker, nightclub bouncer and oil field roustabout. Born in Hartford in southwestern Illinois to Gladys Huldah (Schwanda) Walker and Paul Arnold Walker; dropped out of high school at 17 to join the Merchant Marine during World War II; worked as a laborer in Brownwood Texas, Long Beach California and Las Vegas while performing as musician and singing in local clubs.

Walker practically pioneered TV western mania during the 1950s as Cheyenne Bodie in Warner Bros’ television series Cheyenne. His command of body language and sincerity earned top ratings; becoming an iconic cowboy star of his day.

Walker found great success with the show, and soon started appearing in movies – most notably as one of its stars in The Dirty Dozen and as villains in several other films. Additionally, he served as lead in short-lived television series Kodiak as well as providing voices for 1998 movie Small Soldiers.

Walker was an impressive heavyweight lifter and boasted impressive muscles. According to Screenland magazine in March 1958, Walker weighed more than two hundred pounds, boasted an 18-inch neck size, 38-inch waist circumference, and had hips so slim that they made it difficult to keep his gun belt secure.

He was a roustabout

Walker was an icon of TV westerns during their golden era; with a 6-foot-6 physique and rugged good looks. However, off screen he proved his toughness by surviving an accident on skis that resulted in having his heart punctured by a ski pole in 1971.

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Walker was born to Gladys Schwanda and Paul Arnold Walker of Hartford, Illinois, but at 16 he dropped out of high school. Working on Mississippi river boats and factories before joining the Merchant Marine during World War II.

Following that service he traveled around Western America as a roustabout, golf caddy, nightclub bouncer or security guard before eventually arriving in Las Vegas where he worked at Sands Hotel and Casino as an armed security guard before hearing director Cecil B. DeMille was casting for The Ten Commandments; after hearing that DeMille would cast it, Walker went in search of auditions – which eventually lead him into joining it and working its cast in 1956 epic The Ten Commandments as security guard armed security guard at Sands Hotel and Casino where he worked until DeMille cast The Ten Commandments cast its cast then, after he sought an audition with director Cecil B DeMille saw Cecil B DeMille director Cecil B DeMille himself began auditions, eventually landing an audition.

Since then, he has gone on to star in many films such as Fort Dobbs, Yellowstone Kelly, Gold of the Seven Saints, Sam Whiskey and Frank Sinatra’s None But the Brave as well as appearing as Cheyenne in classic TV show Cheyenne.

He was a cowboy

Walker was noted for his striking features and physical attributes – 6 feet 6 inches tall with a 48-inch chest – which helped secure him the lead role in Western television series Cheyenne, becoming an instantaneous success and opening doors to other films and shows; stuntman work was also offered. Later married and father of one daughter.

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Walker was an accomplished horseback rider and actor, capable of holding his own in action scenes. Additionally, he was an incredible singer with a powerful deep voice and attractive features; his presence on Cheyenne inspired young people and women alike to pursue careers as actors or cowboys.

According to one of his co-stars, in his initial years in the industry he did not train extensively – instead working hard and maintaining his muscles by going to the YMCA regularly. While not considering himself a bodybuilder at all, he nonetheless had considerable mass and speed for his time period.

After his success in Cheyenne, Walker quickly became a household name. He went on to star in numerous Westerns such as Yellowstone Kelly, Fort Dobbs, Sam Whiskey and Gold of the Seven Saints as well as lighter entertainment such as Send Me No Flowers. Walker continued acting until late 1960s when more comedic Westerns such as The Great Bank Robbery and The White Buffalo came onto film and television screens.

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