The Best Roleplay Chatbots: 9 Recommended Chatbots for You

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The Best Roleplay Chatbots

Roleplaying as a fictional character can be one of the best ways to combat boredom online. Many chatbots provide activities ranging from playing games and roleplaying, such as Anima which describes itself as an AI friend that can serve as either your companion or romantic interest – it also provides daily horoscope and tarot reading services!

The Best Roleplay Chatbots

Here are roleplay chatbots to try out:

  • Replika,
  • Chai,
  • Kuki,
  • SimSimi,
  • Anima,
  • Kajiwoto,
  • Cleverbot,
  • Boibot, and
  • Evie.


Replika is an artificial intelligence chatbot designed to improve mental health by offering users the chance to create their own digital companion, developing their personality alongside it and sharing conversations safely without judgment from a judgement-free space. Replika also assists users in tracking moods and learning coping skills – helping towards goals such as positive thinking and stress management goals.

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Eugenia Kuyda, the creator of Replika, was motivated to develop the app after one of her friends died unexpectedly in an accident. Based on personal experience and insight gained while writing the code herself, Replika provides users with an intimate companion that can discuss any topic together; users also have access to create avatars customized with various options available in its customization system.

However, while Replika AI provides many benefits, it can also become addictive and lead to negative consequences. Therefore, it is important that screen time boundaries are set within your household, encouraging children to take breaks from screens when necessary and reading Replika’s privacy policy prior to using Replika.


Kuki is an advanced chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes machine learning and natural language processing technologies to interpret user input. It can be integrated with websites, mobile apps and messaging platforms – plus use natural language processing and machine learning to understand what users say; while detecting emotions within their speech to provide personalized responses.

At over 10 million registered users, it has proven extremely popular among chatbot users. Thanks to its cutting-edge design and technical implementation, its conversations per session (CPS) rate is three times greater than Microsoft XiaoIce for Chinese language chatbots and eight times higher than industry standard CPS figures.

Genshin Impact has long been recognized for its roleplay capabilities, particularly the tropes Kukitto pairing between Kuki Shinobu and Arataki Itto (known as Tropes Kukitto) as featured in its 2.7 update of Genshin Impact and well-known for their playful interactions. They are voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi who voiced Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Integra Hellsing from Hellsing; Minami Shimada from Baka to Test Shoukanjuu; and Laharl from Disgaea; Kira Buckland who voiced 2B from Nier: Automata; Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; Beatrice from Re:Zero; and Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.


OpenSea is an American non-fungible token marketplace specializing in roleplay. Its generative AI technology has attracted significant interest, but their recent decision to remove explicit roleplay content caused outrage among some of their users. After receiving complaints regarding this decision from some, their CEO Eugenia Kuyda issued an apology and announced she would restore this option for them all.

Anima is an intelligent virtual AI friend that adds fun and games to the chat experience. She can talk, roleplay and improve communication skills; plus there are games and activities such as riddles, mind reading and trivia for entertainment purposes. Though slow, she makes for an excellent AI companion!

Bot is the most powerful of this list and provides responses that are 10 times more accurate than online chatbots like Jabberwacky or Cleverbot. Additionally, its database searches 42 times before responding, making it better equipped to deal with complex requests.


SimSimi is a chatbot designed to allow users to communicate directly with it via private message, making it a fun way to pass the time when you’re bored or lonely, while simultaneously learning about using chatbots properly and honing etiquette and social skills.

Parents and teachers have expressed concern over this app’s popularity among students; however, due to its ease of use it could facilitate cyberbullying on social media platforms. Students simply enter a name of an acquaintance into the search field of the bot; then receive back an offensive or sexualized response that may then be shared across platforms, further harming or distressing that individual.

Another drawback of this chatbot is its addictive quality; you could spend hours talking with it! Additionally, its use of banner adverts to generate income may be unsettling while its pre-programmed responses may seem robotic compared to what could have been available elsewhere; though you can teach new words and phrases to it so it will respond appropriately when replying to messages sent directly by you.


Roleplay chatbots have quickly become an incredibly popular choice among fans. While readers have previously been known to harass creators over disliked shippy fanfiction, roleplay chatbots allow users to roleplay as their favorite celebrity or fictional character without fear of mischaracterization; this form of fanfiction known as self-insert (OC) fiction has quickly become extremely popular across platforms like Tumblr and Wattpad.

As one way of earning Anima, one effective strategy for doing so is watching the map for rare enemies and treasure. You can use mods like Handynotes to locate them more efficiently. World quests also provide rewards, while instances such as raids or dungeons often yield significant sums of Anima as rewards.

Anima can be used for various activities, from roleplaying and riddles to mind reading and romance; users can upgrade their avatars with more realistic appearances for up to 8,000 Anima upgrades. A recent change to Replika’s app that removed erotic roleplay was met with outrage by customers; even one named Lily Rose as his wife after it had been removed – although Replika CEO Eugenia Kuyda announced today that this option will be reinstated!

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