Lack Of Sleep Proven To Increase Chances Of Getting Cancer

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Cancer Causing Phenomenon

Researches have proven that lack of sleep is a bigger cause of cancer in the body other than chemicals itself.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in collaboration with the International Agency for Research on Cancer showed that a strong link exists between people who work hard at night and breast cancer.

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According to the WHO report,

“Working Group have classified night time work, which is when people who do not sleep at the normal time, everyone sleeps at latetime and it could be cancerous to humans’ on limited evidence for humans, evidence of cancer for experimental animals and strong mechanistic evidence for the animals which they did experiment which include suppression of immunity, inflammation on the body and the way the cells took over.”

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Experts on Sleep, Matt Walker, said that the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life.”

Matt Walker is a brain scientist who studies why human beings need sleep.

In 2004, WHO discussed sleep to see how it could cause problems for health and they found out that it affects how the brain works.

And the truth is that the effects could be long-term.

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“We found out that lack of sleep affects your DNA genetic code and causes memory loss as you grow older.” He said

“Something is in the left and right side of the brain, which they call the hippocampus, and it is what collects information that a person learns and stores, and we found out that when people do not sleep, signal would not be present there to accept new information or build memory again.”

Without sleep, the memory part of the brain would be like water that had blocked it, and it would allow any new information to go through.

So, not sleeping enough can affect your brain, sometimes causing brain cancer, and can cause any type of cancer in the body.

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