How To Self-isolate Or Self-quarantine yourself To Protect Your Family or Friends, The Public Coronavirus.

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Self-isolate and Self-Quarantine

Self-isolate yourself would reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Lagos State health commissioner, Prof. Akin Abayomi, once said that anyone who comes from a high-risk country like Nigeria would pass through a small check. If the person shows signs that he is not well, he would be taken to a treatment centre straight away.

Or if the person does not show any signs that he or she is not well, they would give the person some advice to “self-isolate.”

Stay in your house: First things first, to “self-isolate” means staying in your house. You should walk around or go to school, work, or a public place. And you are not supposed to receive visitors.

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Use a phone call if you notice that your body is not well. You have a cough and catarrh. Use your phone and call the hospital first. Do not walk to the hospital until they tell you to do so.

Isolate yourself from your family: If you live with your family or friends, choose a bedroom that is well ventilated and lock yourself in. And if you are not the only one using the toilet and bathroom, make sure that everyone else has finished using them before entering. Do not share your towel or soap with anyone.

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Your trash: The trash you throw away must be in a place that is different from other people’s trash. If your test result is released and it says you are positive, authorities will come to take the trash to make sure that it does not infect other people.

Let friends or family bring your food or things to you. If you live in your house alone, do not leave your house to buy things, but tell your friends or family to help you buy them. When they come, tell them to drop the things in front of your house and leave.

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