Simply Lemonade Spiked – The Spiked Pack

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Simply Lemonade Spiked

If you enjoy ready-to-drink alcoholic cocktails, then simply lemonade spiked pack will surely delight. Available this summer as part of their 12-variety pack, you won’t want to miss it!

Molson Coors has developed its latest beverage to complement their existing nonalcoholic products that pair perfectly with alcohol to create cocktail drinks, with Topo Chico Hard Seltzer having been launched and expanded upon in 2021. Last year they also added Ranch Water flavor.

Made with 5% REAL Fruit Juice

Add this easy recipe for spiked lemonade to your repertoire for your next party and you are guaranteed a big batch of refreshing spiked lemonade that is sure to please guests at any gathering. Enjoy its sweet-tart mix of freshly squeezed lemonade combined with vodka; or you could mix extra vodka for an even stronger beverage!

This super simple lemonade cocktail is the ideal beverage to refresh you on a hot summer day. With just enough tart and zingy sweetness and balance from just enough sugar, this lemony delight is sure to become the star of any BBQ or pool party you attend.

Pour yourself a refreshing lemonade cocktail made of vibrant fruity flavors combined with sweet blueberry extract! Perfect for all of your summer celebrations.

Add some fizz to your lemonade drink by topping it off with lemon-lime soda or seltzer, for an irresistibly bubbly lemonade treat! Finish it off by garnishing your drink with any fruit of your choosing to complete your creation and enjoy!

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This pink lemonade cocktail is the ideal way to toast the season! Serve over ice and decorate it with fresh strawberries for an eye-catching display; for an added special touch on Valentine’s Day use a heart shaped mold as garnish! Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail This refreshing summer drink makes the ideal drink choice for outdoor barbecues or backyard parties alike!

5% Alcohol

Simply Lemonade, America’s #1 chilled lemonade brand, is now entering the flavored alcoholic beverage (FAB) market with Simply Spiked to bring refreshing spiked lemonade beverages directly to consumers’ lips!

Available this summer in 12-oz slim cans, this fizzy drink boasts four bold flavors – Signature Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelons Lemonade and Blueberries Lemonade – that feature 5% alcohol and real lemon flavor balanced between sweet and tart notes for an unparalleled citrus experience.

Every alcoholic lemonade boasts an intensely fruity scent reminiscent of Jolly Rancher candies, yet its taste remains light and refreshing – an ideal beverage choice for those seeking fizz with some alcohol content. Packed with zesty citrus punch and subtle notes of stevia extract, these drinks balance sweetness with tartness perfectly!

At 170 calories and 18 grams of sugar per 12 oz can, it may not be the healthiest choice to down an entire case all at once. That’s why we suggest taking it easy and sipping slowly – you’ll thank us later! This release marks Coke’s third alcoholic beverage launch this year following their Topo Chico hard seltzer and Fresca Mixed releases.

170 Calories per 12 oz. Can

Summertime has long been associated with refreshing lemonade – from running lemonade stands as children to enjoying spiked beverages at barbeques as adults. Simply, America’s leading refrigerated lemonade brand, is now adding Simply Spiked, an alcoholic flavored beverage (FAB) featuring 5% alcohol by volume to this iconic category.

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Available nationwide this summer, this variety pack offers four flavorful and refreshing beverages made with real fruit juice that has been squeezed then concentrated: Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermeon Lemonade and Blueberry Lemonade.

Each flavor provides a refreshing balance of natural sweetness and citrus while providing a moderate amount of alcohol. Signature Lemonade captures the classic lemonade taste, while Strawberry Lemonade emphasizes floral strawberry characteristics balanced with sweet and tart lemonade notes. Watermeon Lemonade brings light notes of ripe watermelon along with tart-sweet cues from lemonade, while Blueberry Lemonade brings authentic tastes of jammy blueberries combined with bright lemon juice for an irresistibly light and tasty profile.

All varieties of these snacks are gluten-free and fat-free, making them an excellent option for diet-restricted individuals. While all varieties contain no fat, there may be some sugar present which should be considered when following a low-carb diet plan or monitoring one’s sugar consumption. Furthermore, each serving provides about 20 milligrams of sodium which should also be taken into consideration by those monitoring their sodium consumption.

Available in Signature Lemonade

Bright and refreshing, this juicy spiked lemonade cocktail will become one of your summertime go-tos. Enjoy its signature sweet lemony tart flavor while adding an exciting 5% ABV kick for added excitement – ideal for brunch, BBQs, gatherings of friends or simply whenever you crave delicious lemonade with an edge!

This variety pack features some of Simply’s best-selling refrigerated drinks, such as Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelons Lemonade and Blueberries Lemonade. Each lightly carbonated fruity lemonade flavor includes real juice blended with handcrafted alcohol for an authentic experience.

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Pour yourself the ultimate summer beverage by mixing one part Signature Lemonade Spiked with two to three parts vodka or other spirit. This allows you to get creative when it comes to cocktail-making, and can even be adjusted to meet individual taste – for instance if you like stronger lemonades try increasing the vodka amount or switching it out with Simply Lemonade Tropical!

To create a sweeter cocktail, replace sugar with agave nectar or honey syrup. For a healthier option, sparkling lemonade makes for a refreshing alternative. On hot days, large ice cubes help your drink cool down faster while staying cold longer – or use shaved or crushed ice for even greater chill!

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