Who is Sydney Beth Hatmaker?

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Sydney Beth Hatmaker

Sydney Beth Hatmaker is an esteemed American personality who hails from a family with four siblings: Caleb, Ben, Remy and Gavin.

Hatmaker recently disclosed in a podcast interview that her daughter Sydney is lesbian. Hatmaker is proud of her daughter and hopes to raise her with courage and strength.

Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is an American television personality, author, philanthropist and blogger. She has appeared on various reality shows and co-founded Austin New Church – a small congregation located in Austin Texas – as a co-leader. Additionally, she is known for writing several books and speaking regularly; garnering widespread recognition within evangelicalism for her efforts.

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Recently, she made headlines when her daughter Sydney Beth Hatmaker revealed her s*xual orientation during a podcast interview dedicated to LGBT Pride Month. It featured an open dialogue between mother and daughter and resulted in some candid discussions between mother and daughter.

Sydney shared her journey of coming out as homos*xual. She first realized she was gay at twelve and struggled with reconciling it with her faith, wondering whether God still loved her if she chose to open up about her s*xuality. Additionally, she spoke about raising a gay child within a Christian household as well as Jen’s regret at not knowing about Sydney sooner.

Brandon Hatmaker

Sydney Beth Hatmaker’s father, Brandon, is an esteemed American author and television personality. He co-founded Austin New Church as well as Legacy Collective – a community foundation focused on sustainable housing solutions and fighting child trafficking – both of which he helped establish in Austin. Furthermore, Brandon has participated in other charitable projects.

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They share five children together, including Sydney. When Sydney announced her s*xuality to her parents and church community, however, they faced many difficulties. Yet these parents supported and stood by their daughter all throughout her coming-out process and remain strong advocates of LGBTQ rights today.

They first appeared together in 2014 with Your Big Family Renovation and since have hosted two additional shows: Brother Vs. Brother and Tiny House with Jen. Furthermore, mother and daughter have become heavily involved with charity work; having donated millions to various organizations. Furthermore, they serve as role models to other families by teaching their daughters to become strong, brave individuals while making them aware of issues faced in our world today.

Sydney Beth Hatmaker’s Parents

Sydney Beth Hatmaker was the daughter of American author, speaker, blogger, television presenter and pastor Jen Hatmaker and her husband Brandon. Sydney became famous following Jen’s podcast discussing same-s*x marriage where they discussed their experiences regarding Sydney’s s*xual orientation – something Jen was an outspoken supporter for as she informed her audience that Sydney has been gay since age 12. Jen advocated strongly for LGBTQ inclusion within society at large and told them her daughter had come out at that age.

Coupled together, Caleb, Ben and Gavin and Remy and Sydney make for a large family with a great net worth; two additional children were adopted from Ethiopia as part of Jen’s successful HGTV series ventures.

Brandon is a well-known figure with multiple talents. He serves as a TV host, author, and philanthropist; with an estimated combined net worth of $5 Million between them; their children are a source of pride to them and live in Austin Texas where Jana King and Larry Akins reside as her maternal grandparents and her paternal grandfather respectively.

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Sydney Beth Hatmaker’s Age

Sydney Beth Hatmaker, daughter of Jen and Brandon Hatmaker, is an author and television host who enjoys success both as an author and television host. Sydney boasts a net worth of $3 Million with blonde locks and blue eyes; she lives a fulfilling life thanks to the support of her large family.

Sydney was made famous thanks to her mother Jen’s For the Love podcast which features conversations between herself and Sydney. Jen enjoys a strong bond with Sydney, always supporting and standing by her through each step of her journey. Jen is mother of five children including three sons named Caleb, Ben and Gavin as well as two daughters Remy and Sydney.

Jen and Brandon met at Oklahoma Baptist University in 1992 and married on December 30, 1993. Together, they have three children–Remmy from Ethiopia was adopted–along with two adopted from Ethiopia named Remy and Sydney. Jen has made headlines by advocating same-s*x marriage as well as supporting LGBTQ issues; more recently she posted a cryptic post asking for prayers due to an unexpected family crisis.

Sydney Beth Hatmaker’s Net Worth

Sydney Beth Hatmaker is the daughter of Jen Hatmaker, an author, blogger, speaker and television presenter who with her husband Brandon hosted an HGTV series entitled Your Big Family Renovation. In addition, Sydney Beth Hatmaker is also known for being a popular motivational speaker and philanthropist; writing several nonfiction books such as ‘For the Love’ and ‘Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life.’

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Jen and Brandon co-founded Austin New Church in Austin, Texas. As a devout Christian, her beliefs have lead her to speak at women’s events and parenting conferences as well as appearing as a guest on various television shows.

Jen and her husband have five children together: three sons: Caleb, Gavin and Ben; two daughters: Sydney and Remy. In one of Jen’s podcasts she revealed that one of Sydney is gay – aged 12, she discovered this fact for herself and her family members accepted her for who she is without question – inspiring people all over the globe with her courage and strength.

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